Custom Framing


Found Vintage and Antique Frames

Unlike other custom framing shops we up-cycle frames that we have hand picked from all over Canada and the U.S.A. With now over a thousand frames you can imagine that we will have something that will heighten your valued piece. 

We can provide the full gambit of custom framing services but 90% of the time we are able to offer you a more customized and higher quality framing on a even more accessible price then a very simple or mass produced (and we;ll just say it--boring) alternative. Also, we have hot pink and hot teal mats. Try and find another framer who keeps those bold colours stocked...we dare you.

When working with vintage and antique frames we have several treatments that we like to use to make your piece look the best. We restore, antique wax, paint, and distress. We can guarantee that each piece is one of a kind. 


How it works:

Bring us what you would like to get framed (picture, original art, canvas, silkscreen, hankercheif...anything really). One of our designers will then start discussing design options (mat colours, frame type, frame treatments, etc.) Once we have a basic design plan we will then give you a quote for the finished piece. We are happy to give you rough quote over the phone or via e-mail but it's always better to come into the shop and have a quick chat with us. Take a look at our instagram for more examples of our work.