Holistic Interior
Design & Sourcing

Head designer and owner Caitlin Brubacher works from the framework of creating an ecosystem in your home not only reflecting the practical uses of each room but the emotional function of each of these places.


Home Consultation

The process: starts with an at home consultation and visiting session. We will discuss your needs and wants for the space and from there we can create a sourcing list. After the consultation you will receive all design notes as well as a comprehensive spreadsheet of items to be sourced with budget.  

First hour $125 and hours are $95.


If you are not in need of the full design process but are looking for a particular piece of furniture, art, or object we offer to source these for you. We are consistently going to auctions and traveling and are happy to look for anything you might want or need. Simply send us an email with budget and description and we will reach out to you with some ideas.